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(All serve with egg roll)

MAKIMONO (choice of 2 rolls)

-Tuna roll                                      -Tampa roll                 -Japanese bagel roll 

-Tuna & cream cheese roll         -Mexican roll              -Crunchy roll     

-Arizona roll                                 -California roll            -Futomaki roll

-Spicy tuna roll                            -Spider roll                  -Vegetable roll

-Spicy salmon roll                       -Krab special roll        -Avocado roll

-Escolar & cream cheese roll     -Kentucky roll             -Tofu roll

-Philly tempura roll (fried)          -Yummy roll               -Asparagus OR Cucumber roll


SUSHI COMBO (chef choice 6 pcs sushi, California roll)                                                                        $13.95

SASHIMI COMBO (12 pcs of tuna, salmon, whitefish, escolar sashimi serve with sushi rice)           $15.95

POKE BOWL (marinated fish over the rice with smelt roe, nut, seaweed, avocado, onion, soybean,

                               cucumber, scallion and sesame seed)

     Hawaiian Poke Bowlwith choice of ahi tuna, salmon, escolar or combination                      $12.95 

     Spicy Poke Bowlwith choice of ahi tuna, salmon, escolar or combination                              $12.95   

SUSHI & SASHIMI BOX - 3pcs sushi (tuna, salmon, whitefish), 8pcs California roll,                     $15.95                            6 pcs-sashimi (tuna, salmon, escolar) and orange.

LUNCH BOX -served with 4 pcs California roll, 3 pcs sushi (tuna, salmon, whitefish), orange, steamed rice and

  choice of:

Box 1: Grilled Salmon                          14.95                     Box 5: Amazing chicken               13.95

Box 2: Sweet & Sour Chicken             13.95                     Box 6: Cashew Nut Chicken         13.95

Box 3: Hot Pepper Chicken                 13.95                     Box 7: Broccoli Chicken                13.95

Box 4: Pad Thai Chicken (no rice)     13.95                     Box 8: Panang Chicken                 14.95

*substitute chicken to shrimp for $2 extra

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